Monday, June 14, 2010

“Lost In Your Eyes” is a collaborative exhibition that aims to comment on how authorship, mutability, subjectivity and fabrication destabilize simple representation, allowing fiction to take on the appearance of fact and vice versa. The exhibition title “Lost In Your Eyes” is the title of a famous 80’s pop song and also alludes to a state of being when one is open to the possibilities for the creation of alternative thinking and communication. Paul Pfeiffer, Manuel Ocampo and David Medalla were invited by Jon Cuyson and Dominic Mangila to participate in this three-part traveling exhibition wherein each artist were asked to send an image, idea or an actual object that would serve as the point of entry for the curatorial direction of the exhibition. The co-curators who are also artists in the exhibition then invited artists to respond to their developed ideas allowing the context of the presentations of their responses to become the explicit subject.

The accumulated works in the New York exhibition will travel to London and then Manila to interact with another group of artists who were invited to make works in response to the concepts sent by the three main artists whilst considering the works presented in New York and so forth. The resulting works from this process of regeneration and repetition will be compiled and documented which will then be presented as an artist’s book. The participating artists that exhibited in the New York exhibition on November 23,2008 were:

Mayen Alcantara, Brandon Alvendia, Kate Bae, Elena Bajo, Michael Berryhill, Christi Birchfield, Byoungdu Choi, Ernest Concepcion, Grayson Cox, Jon Cuyson, Arvin Flores, Michael Gaillard, Eric Guerrero, Jose Guinto, Robert Gutierrez, Josephine Halvorson, Anne Marie Heal, Rafael Laurel, Dominic Mangila, Abbie Manock, Teruyuki Matsuyama, Maceo Montoya, Murad Mumtaz, Studio One, Alyssa Pheobus, Chaenee Rhee, Daniela Rivera, Ivan Sarenas, Ivor Shearer, Annie Shaw, Emily Mae Smith, Jomar Statkun, Paolo Vinluan, Jessie Weiss, Nate Wolf

Friday, December 5, 2008

Opening Night

Edwin Ramoran and friends

Gregory Amenoff (far right), chair of visual arts

J Zevin
Dominic Mangila
Jon Cuyson (left) and Dominic Mangila (right)

Annie Shaw (left) and Jon Cuyson (right)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painters' Homage to Manuel Ocampo

Robert Gutierrez's paintings
Michael Berryhill's painting
"Ninoy Fanatics" by Dominic Mangila
Painting by Dominic Mangila
Jon Cuyson installing Dominic Mangila's painting
Dominic Mangila's painting in the background at the opening night
Installation shot.
Guest installing Eric Guerrero's drawing
Dominic Mangila installing his painting; Robert Guitierez's painting below
Eric Guerrero's drawing
Robert Gutierrez's paintings in the background at the opening night
Arvin Flores's painting

Guests shows Eric Guerrero's drawing
Blake Rayne chooses Dominic Mangila's painting
Emma Balasz choose Eric Guerrero's drawings

Annie Shaw chooses Arvin Flores' painting
Daisy Nam chooses Jose Guinto's drawings

Jon installs Michael B.'s painting
Michael Berryhill
paintings before opening
Michael G.'s sculpture (house) and photographs (projection); Grayson's Cox; Teruyuki Matsuyama's photographs; Eric Guerrero; Mayen Alcantara

Annie Shaw's drawing and Paul Pfeiffer's video

Christi B.'s drawing
Murad Khan

photograph of part of David Medalla's painting (left)

Michael G.
Murad Khan
Jon Cuyson
Mayen Alcantara
Jomar Statkun (white frame with light)
elena bajo
dominic and jon

Michael Berryhill (above) and a mix of paintings and drawings (below)
Mayen Alcantara

Daniela Rivera's sculpture crates
Ivan Sarenas' photographs
Daniela Rivera's sculpture

Jon Cuyson's collage
Jon Cuyson's collage (left) Ivan Sarenas' photographs (middle); Elena Bajo's sound piece (left)
pre-opening installation shot